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Welcome to Real Estate Avenue

World class property investment

You, being on this page right now is an indicator of the fact that, you appreciate the value of professionalism and efficient service delivery.
I am Damilola . A Real Estate Sales Consultant.

I began laying blocks in the real estate business about three years ago when a friend of mine who also doubled as my neighbor brought me into the real estate world. She was the compass in the early part my real estate sojourn and showed me all the good, investing in real estate, brings. With all those arrows in my quiver, I registered in my first Real Estate Marketing Network Company.

The undeniable feel of my clients satisfaction, and most certainly, the awesome returns on investments were my major motivation to push harder and get to where I am right now, and way further, looking ahead.

One of the waterproof and airtight proofs I hold on tenaciously to, in my relatively short but experience-dominated time in the real estate business is that, with land and housing banking, through the right channel, you can never go wrong. It is of generational value!

Damilola Pearl

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Who we are

Real Estate Avenue

Real estate avenue is an independently owned property management company in the marketplace, whose roots as real estate marketers stretch back over four years. We use our system to help every tenant and property owners attain their goals and in turn, grows the businesses of real estate developers.

Our strength stems from our ultimate commitment to work in partnership with our client. We help our prospective tenants seeking a new residence find a place that will be their perfect fit. For those looking to getting on the property ladder, we provide the most sophisticated property solutions

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