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CEO Real Estate Avenue

About us

Real Estate Avenue

Real Estate Avenue is an independently owned property management company in the market place, whose roots as real estate marketers stretch four years back. Our service layout is aimed at helping tenants and property owners alike, attain their goals and in turn, grow the businesses of real estate developers.

Our strength stems from our ultimate commitment to work in partnership with our clients. We help prospective tenants seeking for a new residence, find a place that is a perfect fit.
And for those looking at getting on the property ladder, we offer the most sophisticated property solutions.

Real Estate Avenue prides herself on her infallible track record of giving her clientele value for their money.
Here, we treat our clients and staff with respect and dignity at all times. Our clients can be rest assured that their satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform where the acquisition of land and properties is with ease and without stress for our clients. And also, help our clients make savvy real estate investment that yields them more profit.

Our vision

Is to become the leading real estate firm in Africa; to modernize and foster the experience of buying and selling real estate by inculcating and cultivating the spirit of innovation, collaboration and integrity.

Our Drive

Honesty, determination, commitment, as well as our clients' needs and best interests is at the heart of everything we do at Omotking Invest. We believe that working with "our whole heart" can change the world.

Our Partners

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